Welcome to the world… I tried it can I go back indoors now it smells funny!

The world, they tell me, is getting smaller. Technology means we can talk to people around the world as easily as we can walk across the road to have a conversation with a neighbour. The only problem I find with this is we will talk to somebody on the other side of the world whilst ignoring our neighbour.

More and more people are tuning into my work, people I have never met are making judgements about me without knowing the real me. It is scary that my books are available to download and I can do it without a publishing house or agent, if I was brave enough I could do it without an editor – but those that know me will agree that it would be folly for me to do so.

If you are predisposed to you can join the throng of people who are reading my work on e-book readers of one type or another. Just remember I am not responsible for how it affects you, either mentally or physically when your brain explodes because you have found a grammatical mistake (I put some in just to see if I can make that special vein on a readers head throb.).

SWANSONG, ‘HUNTER, HUNTED’, ‘3D’ & ‘TALES FROM A WARPED MIND’ are all available on the Kindle and the Kobo. A special edition collected edition that includes newspaper and magazine articles is available on the Kindle only.